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Why Choose Trapped?

All Private Games

Best Price

Multi-Room Games

We have the best price in the area, multi room games (The Inncreeper and The Rat Trap), and every experience at Trapped is private no matter how many players!   You are never forced to play with strangers here!

Our Games


The Mystery of the Elfin' Selfie


7/10 Difficulty    single room experience


Recommended for: adults and the cleverest of children

Santa's head elf is missing, and the North Pole is in shambles. Bitzy's last Elfstagram post seems to indicate a monster is on the loose! Your elvestigative team has been called in to solve the mystery, and find Bitzy before Christmas is ruined!

The Rat Trap:


8/10 Difficulty  multi-room experience


Recommended for: experienced players or beginners that can handle a challenge


You are an FBI agent working undercover to take down New York's most powerful crime family, but your cover has just been blown. The boss has put a hit out on you. You've got one last chance, and one hour, to gather the intel you need to put him away. You know he keeps his records locked somewhere in his beloved Wise Pies pizzeria. Can you get in, get the info, and get out before you get whacked?

The Inncreeper

The Inncreeper:


6/10 Difficulty  multi-room experience


Recommended for: everyone


You've checked into the Miss Fortune Motel, and found yourself trapped in your room. You soon discover you aren't the first guest held captive by the creepy innkeeper. Can you escape before you suffer the same fate?


*WARNING* Although the game is "creepy" rather than actually scary, The Inncreeper is a horror themed game which contains elements of and/or references to the following: stalking, murder, dismemberment, torture, mysticism (tarot cards, Ouija board, palm reading), and a balloon. Upon request, the balloon can be removed. ;)


What is an escape room?

An escape room is a type of physical adventure game in which a group of players are “trapped” in a themed room, and have to use elements of the room and their wits to find clues and solve a series of puzzles to escape the room within a set time limit, usually 1 hour.

How does it work?

Our escape games run on a set schedule throughout the day, and are booked here on our website. You’ll select the number of players, choose a game and available timeslot, and you’re all set! 


Please plan to arrive at Trapped 10 minutes early

to get checked in before the countdown begins!

Trapped is conveniently located in the heart of Bluffton right off of Hwy 278 (Fording Island Rd.) in the shopping plaza behind Sonic,


Put 70 Pennington Drive Suite 17 Bluffton, SC 29910 into your GPS.

What Does It Cost?

Only $25 per person for 3 or more people. The lowest price around!

eGift vouchers are available in many styles for $25 and up. Use one of our designs or upload your own!

You may email or print your gift voucher to hand deliver to the recipient.


Special Occasion?

Give The Perfect Gift...

An Experience They Will Never Forget!

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70 Pennington Dr Suite 17

Bluffton, SC 29910

Located off of Hwy 278 (Fording Island Rd.) in the shopping plaza behind Sonic.


Tel: 843-757-TRAP (8727)


We are open Wednesday - Sunday by appointment only. Click the "Book Now"  or "Check Availability" button to see available game times.

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Open Wednesday - Sunday


70 Pennington Drive Suite 17

Bluffton, SC 29910

843-757-TRAP (8727)